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About Us

A new "Test Solutions" company is stepping up to the ever-growing challenge of Electronic Test. Given the collection of competitors and multi-million dollar systems already offered, what company would be so daring as to seek to revolutionize how the electronics industry assures the quality of its products?

The answer to this interesting question is: "Third Millennium Test Solutions, Inc." - 3MTS for short. Haven’t heard much about us yet? That’s by design. We’ve set some really aggressive goals for ourselves on behalf of our customers, and we’ve been working quietly and diligently to prove ourselves - by delivering results. This site is intended to introduce you to our company and our corporate capabilities.

Unfettered by historical architectures, 3MTS has a passion for leveraging the very best. Technologies and partners in the industry. We have no NIH (not-invented-here) hang-ups when it comes to delivering complete and cost-effective test solutions, utilizing an open architectural approach. Our goal and vision is to completely change your expectations and standards for implementing the most complete, compelling and lowest cost test solutions you have ever imagined.

  Vision and Goal

Third Millennium Test Solutions develops, manufactures, distributes, and supports the software, equipment, and services necessary to verify the quality of electronic systems and components for our customers at the lowest cost and with the shortest time to market.

The dual demands on the electronics industry for ever lower cost per function and ever shorter time to market can only be satisfied through architectural innovation. ATE has become a limiting factor in both parameters for IC manufacturers. Traditional ATE systems are burdened with high capital cost, high operating cost, limited throughput and lack of flexibility. 3MTS is committed to architectural innovation taking advantage of the infrastructure available and incorporating industry standards wherever they exist. With this approach we meet these dual demands with cost-to-test and time-to-market better than you ever imagined possible.

  Executive Team

The 3MTS executive team has had successful experience as entrepreneurs, business managers, architects of ATE systems, designers of integrated circuits and manufacturers of both integrated circuits and the equipment used to build those circuits. They are systematically merging extensive experience with the latest technologies and fresh ideas to create dramatically new solutions for our customers.


Executive Team

Bill Bottoms

Chairman and CEO

Hira Ranga

Chief Operating Officer

Ali Bidgoli

VP of Operations