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 Data Converter


Key Features:

  • 14 bit, 240MHz, pipelined ADC (Tested at 10MHz)
  • LVDS output with 3.3V  CMOS trim control
  • High-dynamic range
  • Made up of the following six blocks
    • Analog input stage: 4Vp-p differential input range (2Vp-p, +1 to 1, per channel)
    • The output state: 14 differential LVDS (±200mV around 1.2V) outputs, 1 differential over-range bit and a differential Data Valid output signal.
    • Analog Clock input: 20Khz to 10MHz differential clock at 10dbm driving a 25-ohm load.
    • Trim control and read back
    • Reference Voltage distribution Block
    • A Scan In digitizer test mode block used to bypass the Analog input to test the output stage of the digitizer.
  • Used in communication base stations.