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 Digital SMPS Controller


Key Features:

  • Digital Controller enables Single-Stage Flyback Converter topology
  • Primary-only Sensing eliminates opto-isolator feedback and simplifies design
  • Internal Digital Loop-Compensation. No external loop compensation components required
  • ± 4% Max Regulation (Line, Load, Temperature)
  • Accurate secondary current limit without secondary sensing and control circuitry
  • Accurate zero-voltage switching (ZVS) minimizes EMI and improves system efficiency
  • Blue Angel/Energy Star® Compliant
  • 50µA Maximum start-up current
  • Gate driver with ± 1A peak output and 30ns rise and fall times
  • Multiple circuit protection features: over temperature (internal and external), over-voltage (primary and secondary), over-current (primary and secondary), and short-circuit protection
  • Cycle-by-cycle Peak Current
  • Limit Line square feed forward
  • Low parts count and low cost solution
  • Compact SO-14 package