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Dual Channel Power V/I (DPVI)

The 3MTS L-Series DPVI instrument provides two independent four-quadrant channels. Each V/I can supply up to 4A continuously and 5A at 50% duty cycle of peak current with force voltages of between +50V DC and -50V DC, each with accompanying Kelvin sense channels. The DPVI instruments are utilized as device power supplies, for continuity measurements and for DC measurements. In addition, since an AWG channel drives each V/I channel, these V/Is may be modulated at rates of up to 500KS/s. Programmable triggering provides synchronized parallel measure capabilities of modulated signals. Programmatically selected Voltage Force and Measure Ranges include 10V, 25V, 0V to +50V and 0V to 50V at 12-bits or the standard 16-bits resolution in force mode or in measure mode. Seven force and measure current ranges include 1mA to 3A, and 5A pulsed in decade steps, with 12 or 16-bits resolution in force or measure mode.