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High Current Scanner


The 3M20 High Current (HC) Scanner Mux is part of the hardware components for Thermal Resistance Measurement (TRM) or any other High Current testing applications. 

The high current scanner assembly includes the scanner mux which is fully integrated with its heat sink and thermal management / air cooling system. Installed on the system the scanner and heat sink assembly are protected by a stainless steel safety cover with connections to the power supply and ground. 

The HC scanner provides switching to support multiple test types. It can switch currents up to 200A. It contains high current switches to route force and measure connections to the DUT to test multiple components (multi-transistor module -- up to 18 transistors, 18 body diodes and 6 freewheeling diodes) with a single DUT insertion. Sense lines are provided for each connection to the DUT and/or DUT component in the case of a complex DUT module.

Higher current versions upwards of 200A are also available upon request.