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Intermediate Voltage V/I (IVVI)


The 3MTS L-Series Intermediate Voltage V/I (IVVI) delivers a powerful single quadrant V/I source. The IVVI is available in Six separate voltage range configurations from 1000V to +1000V. In all configurations the IVVI delivers up to 30 Watts of power per channel. Current and voltage are regulated and clamped providing continuous or arbitrarily modulated force (stimulus) and/or sample (response). The IVVI incorporates Voltage or Current Transient Peak Detection capability with sampling periods that may cover thousands of cycles of force/measure. Intermediate voltage signals are routed to the loadboard via high-voltage cable. It is recommended that this instrument be configured with 16-bit resolution (standard). This capable instrument enables high voltage force and measure applications with no special hardware required on the Device Interface Board. All IVVI instruments incorporate internal protection for short-circuit and over temperature conditions.