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More Instruments


You would have got a good view of some of the instrumentation available from 3MTS through this website. Those are only a select set of instruments and we have more to offer.

A wide range of instrumentation are available for the user to pick from for configuring and reconfiguring a 3MTS tester solution.

  • DLVI - Dual Low Power V/I

  • LCDIO - Digital I/O

  • TMU - Time Measurment Unit

  • Pulser - Pulser Unit

  • SRB-PT - Signal Routing Board

  • CQM - Configurable Quad Matrix

  • Test Head Interposer

  • Close-coupled instrumentation

  • DUT Proto Load Board

  • PLB - Performance Load Board 

  • And more...

Please call and give us the details of your requirements. We can potentially identify the right solutions available from us to meet those requirements.