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Industry's lowest zero pin-count cost!


The Third Millennium Test Solutions’ 3M20 Family of ATE solutions are designed to meet the challenges of testing devices. This family of Open Architecture products effectively integrates:

  • Configurable Test Environments

  • Proprietary Instrumentation

  • Industry-standard Instruments

3MTS systems offer a wide variety of NIST traceable (National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA) industry-standard and proprietary 3MTS instrumentation that may be configured to meet the test requirements of an electronic device, family of devices, or complete system. Furthermore, specifications of the instrumentation and architecture are published to enable third parties to develop instruments for 3MTS systems – thereby providing the industry’s first true open architecture.

3MTS customers enjoy the economic benefits of an open architecture, namely, the use of industry standard instrumentation where higher volume and multiple vendor sources result in lower cost and greater flexibility in configuring a test solution.  These industry-proven stimulus and response measurement modules are mechanically and electrically adapted to fit seamlessly into the 3MTS open architecture.  The result is “Standard Configurability” – enabling device specific tester configurations that minimize equipment cost and optimize test throughput. This provides considerable leverage to our customers when implementing configurable solutions for today and tomorrow’s device testing requirements.

A broad selection of cost-effective instruments is available to provide power, analog, time and digital ATE capabilities. Maestro, the system software and the wide range of software tools are based on the Windows/PC platform and provides the power of the Microsoft COM+ architecture that enables rapid reconfiguration.  This significantly enhances the efficiency by which an ATE system may be maintained, upgraded and reconfigured to deliver device specific economics.

The small size and weight of the Test Head allows direct connection to handlers and probers without additional cost or floor space for the Test Head Manipulator normally required for ATE.

Key Benefits

  • Lowest Cost of Test via device-specific configurability

  • Small floor space footprint due to compact design

  • Uses Standard AC Power, and minimally

  • Fast time to market via Visual Studio™ programming environment and test libraries

  • 3rd party participation for cost, time and technology leverage

  • Rapid reconfiguration to meet newer requirements and provide capital longevity

  • Open architecture for "real time" innovation and new technology application to new test challenges

  • Standard networking for worldwide distributed data processing

  • Rapid software enhancements via COM+ components

Typical Devices

Analog SiP Devices  |  Automotive Direction Indicators / Flashers  |  Battery Charger / Management Devices  | Charge Pumped Drivers  |  DC-DC Boost / Buck Converters  |  Defibrillator Devices   |   Digital SMPS Controllers  | Diodes  |  IGBTs /  BJTs  |  Laser Detectors  |  LED / Lamp / Panel Display Drivers  |  Linear / LDO / Switching Regulators  |  MOSFETs  |  MOSFET Drivers  |  Op Amps  |  PWM Switches / Power Controllers  |  Thyristers  |  Voltage References  |   

Don't find the type of IC you want to test? Call us, and you might find out that we have a solution for that device type also!

Key Features:

System Features
  • Open Architecture - Industry Standards
  • Modular - Highly configurable and Upgradable
  • Device-specific Economics
  • Compact - Small Footprint
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Windows XP Based PC
  • 3MTS Proprietary Instruments & Software
  • GUI Based Programmability
  • Industry's Lowest Zero Pin Count Cost
Analog Testing
  • Up to 184 Pins
  • 168 Analog/Digital Pins
  • 16 Coax LF or HF Ports
  • 24 bit Sample Rates to 102KS/s
  • 16 bit Sample Rates to 333KS/s
  • 14 bit Sample Rates to 100MS/s
  • 12 bit Sample Rates to 40MS/s
  • 8 bit Sample Rates to 2.5GS/s
  • AWG to 40MS/s
Voltage-Current Instruments (V/Is)
  • Power Channels to 50V at 5A
  • Fast High Voltage to 2500V
  • Pulsed High Currents to 100A
Typical Applications
  • Characterization testing
  • Production testing
    • Wafer probe
    • Package test
    • Module test
  • Failure analysis