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 3M20 - Tall                 

The Tall Server gives the customers a completely enclosed system that includes the Test Head, the PC, an UPS and also some additional space to mount other rack mount instrumentation as per requirement.

Third Millennium Test Solutions has created an open ATE architecture, designed from the ground up, for implementing mixed-signal test solutions. This low cost mixed-signal solution family integrates analog and digital capabilities that may be configured and easily reconfigured to match specific device requirements.

These products are based upon an industry standard computing platform that incorporates a mix of proprietary 3MTS and industry standard instruments. The result is a modular solution platform that exploits the availability of both hardware and software components from a variety of sources. This provides considerable leverage to our customers when implementing configurable solutions for today and tomorrow’s device testing requirements.

The Tall Server allows to integrate the different components into a single enclosure and at the same time allows expansion of test capability through add-on rack mount instrumentation to meet more specific device test requirements.

Key Features:

System Features
  • Open Architecture - Industry Standards
  • Modular - Highly configurable and Upgradable
  • Device-specific Economics
  • Single enclosure for all components
  • Add-on rack mount instrumentation
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Windows XP Based PC
  • 3MTS Proprietary Instruments & Software
  • GUI Based Programmability
  • Industry's Lowest Zero Pin Count Cost
Analog Testing
  • Up to 184 Pins
  • 168 Analog/Digital Pins
  • 16 Coax LF or HF Ports
  • 24 bit Sample Rates to 102KS/s
  • 16 bit Sample Rates to 333KS/s
  • 14 bit Sample Rates to 100MS/s
  • 12 bit Sample Rates to 40MS/s
  • 8 bit Sample Rates to 2.5GS/s
  • AWG to 40MS/s
Voltage-Current Instruments (V/Is)
  • Power Channels to 50V at 5A
  • Fast High Voltage to 2500V
  • Pulsed High Currents to 100A