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 3M20 - TRMS

The 3M20 Thermal Resistance Measurement (TRM) test system delivers industry leading performance, low cost and features that support both characterization and production TRM testing of power transistors and modules. It is specifically designed to meet the test requirements of the growing market for electric and hybrid automobile power components and modules. Power transistors (including BJT, FET, IGBT), power diodes as well as multi-transistor power modules are some of the typical devices that can be tested. 

The system uses the 3M20 ATE platform providing user interface, force and measure instrumentation and both system and Device Under Test (DUT) power supplies.

The basic hardware architecture of the 3M20 family of ATE systems share many components. All 3M20 systems are comprised of a server, a test head, a system integration board and a device interface board that connects the device to be tested to the test head. The 3M20 TRM Test System also incorporates specialized high current and switching hardware components, and modules for temperature measurement and optional remote operator control required for TRM testing. 

The TRM test system runs under the 3MTS standard Maestro operating environment software. It also uses a Maestro application test program built with an additional, optional, special user interface meant for operation control and results review.

Selected Features of the 3M20 TRM Test System:

Force Capability

  • Thermal pulse Current programmable from 5 to 150 amps; higher currents optional

  • Thermal pulse duration variable from 1mS to 1,000,000mS with accuracy of 1uS

  • High current power supply Voltage programmable from 0 to 30V; higher voltages optional

  • Current control accuracy to 0.4% of full scale

  • 4,500W standard, higher power levels optional

DUT Connection Capability

  • 192 connections to the DUT providing individual sense lines for all test connections

  • Sense mux and high speed current sensor to minimize phase delays

  • Up to 18 transistors, 18 body diodes and 6 freewheeling diodes per module with a single insertion and a single test set up. Up to 42 module components with a single insertion

Measure Capability

  • Simultaneous measurement of up to 5 waveforms at the device under test

  • High current scanner provides switching to support multiple test types

  • Reverse current measurements to characterize module diodes (FWD)

  • High speed measurement with 12 and 14 bit resolution options

  • Measurement current from 1uA to 150A with constant current control from 0 to 50V; higher currents and voltages optional

Data Visualization and Analysis

  • Simultaneous data logging of all channels is standard

  • Graph tool option provides oscilloscope functionality for review and analysis of waveforms

  • Data analysis option provides histograms, scatter plots and statistics for stored data log files

User Interface

  • TRM operator panel with key parameters displayed during tests

  • Data driven test parameters can be set up and driven from the operator panel

  • Set up panel providing visual display of test parameters in operator console and real time setting of test parameters in engineering console

  • Applications program support for standard TRM tests of power transistors and diodes

  • Batch flow mode to run production test automatically with no operator action required

Selected System Features 

  • Thermocouple monitor for real time monitoring of temperature with 8 channels

  • Watch dog timer to ensure safe shutdown in case of system failure

  • Integrated high efficiency air cooling

  • Integrated signal lamp drive with 2 states supported

  • Remote start/stop control, optional

  • Safety interlock to prevent access to DUT when power is enabled, optional

Key Features:

System Features
  • Open Architecture - Industry Standards
  • Modular - Highly configurable and Upgradable
  • Windows XP Based PC
  • 3MTS Proprietary Instruments & Software
  • GUI Based Programmability
TRM Features:
  • Test methods - Single test, multi-test, batch flow module test, contact check, opens and shorts tests
  • Gate voltage range 0-50V
  • Forcing current range 1-150A; continuously variable; 0.60A; higher specifications optional
  • Forcing power time 1mS to continuous
  • Max. forcing power 4,500W; higher specifications optional
  • Test types: ΔVbe; ΔVds; ΔVgs; ΔVf(OCD); ΔVce; ΔVge;
  • 8 Thermocouple inputs
  • 192 connections to the DUT
  • Waveform display - Real time and archived; simultaneous stimulus and response; 5 channels, waveform overlay, measurement cursors
3M20 Analog Testing Capability
  • Up to 184 Pins
  • 168 Analog/Digital Pins
  • 16 Coax LF or HF Ports
  • 24 bit Sample Rates to 102KS/s
  • 16 bit Sample Rates to 333KS/s
  • 14 bit Sample Rates to 100MS/s
  • 12 bit Sample Rates to 40MS/s
  • 8 bit Sample Rates to 2.5GS/s
  • AWG to 40MS/s
  • Power Channels to 50V at 5A
  • Fast High Voltage to 2500V
Typical Applications
  • Development
  • Characterization
  • QA / QC
  • Production final test
  • Incoming inspection