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Head Quarters
Third Millennium Test Solutions Inc.,
Suite 106, #3003, Bunker Hill Lane,
Santa Clara, CA - 95054, USA.
Telephone: (408) 922 0510
Fax: (408) 922 0526


Worldwide Support

3MTS architecture enables unique and powerful support of customer requirements in application development, system maintenance and reconfiguration. Our systems are browser enabled and internet ready. We can deliver the world's best expertise, anywhere, anytime, utilizing our encrypted VPN and internet connection. Application development resources are located in the US and Asia. Our teams work on time critical applications developments around the clock.

3MTS Specifications Policy

3MTS is committed to ensuring that all 3MTS systems and system components meet or exceed their published specifications when calibrated according to system and component guidelines. Many of the components of the 3M20 Test Systems are shipped with a Certificate of Conformance. This certificate states that 3MTS or its suppliers have tested the product and that it meets all of its performance standards.

<<3MTS reserves the right to change specifications without notice. Contact 3MTS for verification of current instrument or system specifications>>