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Cal Verify Tool

The 3MTS Cal Verify Tool provides the facilities to take care of verifying the calibration status as well as conducting the calibration of the 3MTS L-series V/I range of instrumentation. 

In combination with the relevant hardware like the Cal Load Board that contains the precision loads and the high precision DMM instrument, the Cal Verify Tool can be used in a simple way by the user to certify conformance to expected performance standards of 3MTS V/I instruments at the test floor itself. The calibration hardware are low cost and the expertise required to handle the Verify or Calibration operation is also minimal. With a simple design, the tool has all the flexibility as well as the power necessary in a maintenance tool.

The tool offers a choice of simple automatic mode or a flexible engineering mode for calibration and verification. Informative Cal Verify plots are available as a result for each range of the V/I instrument. In addition, an Interactive mode is also available that adds the power to evaluating the instrument performance more in detail, for the advanced knowledgeable users.