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Datalog Exporter

The 3MTS Datalog Exporter tool is useful to export the datalog available in the 3MTS .DLOG format to a standardized format in a .XLS (Microsoft Excel) file. The exported data will also contain a Statistics page including process capability (Cp, Cpk) parameters. The offline operation of the tool also provides a scheduler that allows the programming of it to run at a pre-specified time automatically.  

The Datalog Exporter tool can be used two modes:  

  • Online mode

Upon issuing the Final Lot or Final Sublot command from the Operator Panel in Test Conductor environment, a .DLOG file gets generated at a standard location by default. In the online mode of the  Datalog Exporter tool, the .DLOG file generated will be automatically exported to the .XLS format at run-time while performing the Final Lot operation.  

  • Offline mode

The offline mode allows the user to select and export .DLOG file(s) to .XLS format, in a standalone mode, from outside Test Conductor environment. It also provides the facility to schedule the conversion (of a single .DLOG file or a directory of .DLOG files) to occur at a more suitable and convenient time.