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Diagnostic Tool

The 3MTS Diagnostic Tool provides the checkers necessary to verify or analyze the performing status of 3MTS test system and the L-series instrumentation. It is an intuitive, simple and powerful tool to use, with an option to change between a pictorial view and an explorer view of instrumentation in the tester cage that are detected automatically by the tool.

Each Component of the system can be diagnosed and a structured diagnostic report produced, describing the results of the diagnostic tests.  This tool is used in conjunction with the Cal Verify tool to ensure that all components of the 3M20 System (boards, cables etc) meet the desired design specification and the system performs properly.

Several advanced features like CPLD report, EEPROM report, Board comparison chart, Board configuration report, Alarms and faults report, Log search and so on are also available. The comprehensive set of features enable the user to verify and diagnose the system components for performance and problems respectively.