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Graph Tool

The 3MTS Graph Tool is a powerful aide in test waveform data viewing, reviewing and post processing for detailed analysis. It is an optional tool available for 3MTS customers based on requirement.

The Graph Tool aids in viewing as well as performing detailed analysis of waveform plot data extensively. These plot data are typically from input-output signals captured from a DUT using a Maestro test program and the instrumentation on 3M20 testers. 

The Graph tool helps in several ways once a waveform plot data is made available in the Graph tool specific .GPF file format. The tool can handle multiple plot data files simultaneously. A single .GPF file can contain either just one or even more than one plot data array. The tool can handle 2 dimensional as well as 3 dimensional plot data. 

Basic features like zoom-in, zoom-out, area zoom, pan, plot on, plot off, undo, redo etc. make the viewing & reviewing of plot data more meaningful. In addition, more valuable features like dual cursors, math shortcuts, scalar expressions, plot expressions, macros, etc. provide the ability to conduct detailed analyses and advanced manipulations with the plot data files. 

The Graph tool can be used in two modes viz., Online and Offline. During Offline or stand-alone mode, it can use saved plot data files in the .GPF format and provide powerful view and analysis features. During Online mode, it works in conjunction with a Maestro test program and can provide excellent run-time view and analysis features.

Multiple plot data files can be loaded into the tool and the user can easily browse through them using features like view by file, select-deselect each plot etc. Two cursors and their relative data displayed on the screen will help in doing several interactive analyses with the plot data. The cursors can toggle between Snap-to-point mode and Free form mode. Snap-to-point mode helps to know each XY sample values instantly and accurately. 

The powerful mathematic expressions support available in the Graph Tool will help the user to process the plot data as per needs and see the resultant values or plots instantly. 

The ability that is available to record, load and run macros enables the user to create any complex series of processing actions into a macro, in a one time effort, and then use it whenever needed -- to apply on a single selected plot data file or on all plot data files stored in a folder. 

A Generate Code feature is also available to help users produce the code output from Graph Tool itself and it can be used to complete a Maestro test program development quicker. 

Those and the many more features available in the Graph Tool make it a powerful data analysis and processing suite to support the test engineers and test managers using a 3M20 test system.