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Instrument Programming Wizard

The 3MTS Instrument Programming Wizard (IPW) is a powerful tool for test engineers who would like to get started with a device test sequence, and without having to use any C, C++ code.

The GUI allows the user to quickly put together a series of tester instrument commands, set parameters and create device parameter test sequences, with quite a bit of capability. The user can immediately use the same environment to run the test also, single step through it if needed, review test results obtained and finally do data log of them as well. Eventually, when the test sequence is mature enough, the script can be generated from IPW. That can be an excellent starting point for a Maestro based test program creation to move in to the Test Conductor environment quickly.

Several other powerful features like ability to run in simulation mode, to handle variables, add arithmetic expressions, set breakpoints, insert line comments, set repeat counts, to view tester configuration, to generate system information report, to query data log, and many more, all from within the IPW environment, make it a big factor for the success of test engineers.