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The 3MTS Shmoo Tool is an important aide in test parametric sweeps and Shmoo plotting the test results at real time. The tool can be launched from a test programmed to run Shmoo from a Maestro test program in the Test Conductor environment.

The 3MTS Shmoo Tool supports 1 dimensional (1D, 1 primary variable), 2 dimensional (2D, 2 primary variables) and 3 dimensional (3D, 3 primary variables) plots. The pass fail or value results are plotted by varying 1 or 2 or 3 different primary test variables on the X, Y, Z axes. 

Plot styles can be changed from conventional Shmoo to Line Shmoo and Scatter Shmoo as well. Pass/Fail, Value and Value bar type results can be chosen for the resultant plots. Analog as well as mixed-signal test parameters can be Shmooed. 

The editable control parameter settings for X, Y and Z axes parameters allow simple and quick ways to alter the test program variables and the sweeps are performed and re-performed. The range of color settings options available in the tool allows the user to make a variety of settings choices thereby adding to the depth of scrutiny possible on the Shmoo plot results generated.