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Test Conductor

3MTS Testers provide a comprehensive test software suite, Maestro, with integrated development environment and operation execution environment. Maestro represents the collection of all of the software provided by 3MTS in support of its testers. Any element of the Maestro environment may be selected using a navigator.

The Maestro suite provides Test Conductor for test development, debug and execution. New tests may be generated by utilizing the Maestro Application Development Wizard.  The wizard provides a uniform test program structure with an automated provision for implementing data logging, binning, and numbering of parallel or sequenced test sites.  A test flow GUI allows all tests to be individually selected and executed or sequenced together in a complete test flow, with binning decision points and branches inserted along the way.

The Test Conductor test program development and debug environment provides industry standard Visual Studio™ (a Microsoft Trademarked Product) capability embedded in the system. This means that the most comprehensive software available today, which is used by more software developers than any other platform, is a standard part of the 3MTS solution offering. This software provides wizards, break-pointing, variable windows, incremental compilation and many other tools to make the job of the test developer as easy as possible. Test library elements are written in C or C++ taking full advantage of the embedding of Microsoft Visual Studio C++ within the Test Conductor environment. 

The Test Conductor also provides many test development and execution services including data logging, built in statistical data analysis functions, prober and handler drivers, including wafer mapping, along with all the rapid prototyping and debugging tools and the integrated programming environment offered by Microsoft Visual Studio.