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Vector Editor

The 3MTS Vector Editor is a tool to use with the digital vectors for the 3MTS LCDIO based test patterns. The purpose is to manage creation, loading and debugging of vectors.  3MTSís Vector Editor operates on the Binary Vector Format (.BVF), which stores the vectorsí source in a binary format, resulting in smaller size and faster parse than normal text type vector files.  The Vector Editor also creates and edits vectors in this file format. The Import option allows a user to import vectors from other formats, such as .SPT into the .BVF format.  

Vector Editor may be run using one of two available modes: Offline and Online.  In the Offline mode, patterns and other settings are edited and can be saved back to the .BVF.   The Online mode of Vector Editor comes up as soon as the vectors are loaded into the hardware.  This mode will include an exact replica of the hardware memory.  It is possible to view both the Online and Offline vectors simultaneously.  This helps the user compare patterns in the source and in the hardware memory.